Meet Our Summer DCPS Interns!

Alicia Chappell and Kiya Carter worked with Raising A Village Foundation as interns from June 24th- August 2nd through the Summer Youth Employment Placement (SYEP) program with D.C. Public Schools. Over the course of six weeks, they were given the opportunity to research and gather information on local colleges and community partners, draft curriculum materials for 10th grade students, and create a community service learning guide for the Driven 2 Succeed Program!

Below you will find Kiya and Alicia interviewing each other about their experience with Raising A Village Foundation!

Alicia Chappell, 12th grade, Woodrow Wilson Senior High School

Kiya: Hey Alicia, how are you?
Alicia: Hey Kiya, I'm doing good.
Kiya: What do you want to do post graduation?
Alicia: My plan is to open my own business and also attend college.
Kiya: What was the most challenging part about working with Raising A Village?
Alicia: Talking to people. I'm pretty shy.
Kiya: What was the best part about working with Raising A Village?
Alicia: The best part about working with Raising A Village was being able to work with someone and also learn more about Microsoft Office Suite.
Kiya: Would you tell other people to be an intern here?
Alicia: Yes, because its a great way to learn how to do a lot of things that can help you in the real world.
Kiya: What was your first impression on working here?
Alicia: My first impression was that the internship was going to be hard.
Kiya: Now, how do you feel?
Alicia: I'm thankful to be a part of this program because it taught be a lot about myself!
Kiya: What are your goals in life?
Alicia: I want to be successful!

Kiya Carter, 12th grade, Ballou Senior High School

Alicia: Hey, how are you Kiya?
Kiya: Hey, Alicia, I'm good.
Alicia: What did you learn by being apart of this internship?
Kiya: I learned a lot about different communities and the people around it. I also learned a lot about office management. Typing, creating databases, and lesson plans.
Alicia: How did you feel on your first day?
Kiya: I felt good. I didn't start my internship the same time you did because I was studying abroad, but coming into the office and seeing a poster with my name on it and my own office supplies was so nice!
Alicia: What was the most challenging and easiest part of this internship
Kiya: The hardest part was the different projects that we had to do because we had to pay attention to detail, but the easiest part was the research because I love doing research.
Alicia: What are your plans after graduating high school?
Kiya: My plan is to go to Bowie State University and study Criminal Justice.
Alicia: What are your goals in life, like for the future?
Kiya: My goal in life is to be successful too!