Our Philosophy

Raising A Village Foundation is a community-based organization operated by staff and volunteers to provide a variety of services in education, health and wellness and the arts in an effort to improve the quality of life for children and families in underserved communities. 

Commitment to Community

Raising A Village Foundation (RAV) wants to be a beacon of hope for underserved communities nationwide. In order to embody that goal, RAV staff and volunteers will go above and beyond in their work to ensure that society’s best interests; particularly the underserved and low income populations are in mind. 

Provide Superior and Sustainable Services

Being in the business of public service; it is important to provide superior and sustainable services in order to achieve community goals and meet the needs of its constituents. Raising A Village Foundation will create systems for all programs that includes inputs, processes, outputs (tangibles) and outcomes (impacts on clients) – with ongoing feedback to keep programs fresh, consistent, and on accord with the organization’s mission.

Chase Innovation and Creativity

An environment that encourages the freedom of innovation and creativity is a resource to be accessed and utilized for superior performance. Raising A Village (RAV) believes in giving their staff and volunteers the liberty to create new ideas and initiatives that could either strengthen current processes or take the organization to the next level. 

Embrace Growth and Expansion

Business expansion and growth can bring both opportunities and risks. However, Raising A Village (RAV) welcomes growth and expansion within its staff, programs, and partnerships (i.e. schools, community organizations, and the public and private sector). Although growth is not always guaranteed or warranted, RAV understands its importance in solving problems and bringing forth improvement. 

Be Resourceful

Resourcefulness and action-orientation have a direct correlation to organizational sustainability.  It is vital to act quickly and appropriately in creative and innovative ways, especially in times of limited resources. For this reason, RAV uses its assets wisely to develop programs internally, while also working in conjunction with other public and private partners to provide services. 

Good Stewardship

Regardless of one’s background, RAV offers community to our constituents. As an organization known to serve many populations through its many programs, RAV embodies the responsible planning and management of all resources.